Thank you for your interest in this exciting beta-testing phase of our pre-market green space tick killing and repelling treatment, Tick Attack™. 


We are offering two options for the Beta Test.  

    1. Have your lawn sprayed using the services of our partner BBD Pest Services (a local pest services company).
    2. We are interested in working with a small group of individuals across Canada to test direct-consumer application experiences with Tick Attack™.  

A few things to note:


  1. It smells like garlic! And the scent is strong so make sure you wear either a protective suit or clothing you don’t mind smelling like garlic.
  2. In order to participate we require that you sign a legal agreement with us that outlines the nature of the beta-testing phase. 
  3. We are offering interested participants Tick Attack™ at 50% off the intended market price of $70 ($35/litre is the beta testing price), and we will ship it to you at our expense. 1 litre properly diluted will treat approximately 1 acre of green space.
  4. As you’ll be applying the product yourself, you will want to make sure you’ve got an application/spraying device on hand, as well as some basic safety gear (i.e. safety glasses, face mask). 

    We’re excited at the possibility of having you join this testing phase, and want to remind you about the value of your feedback. Our beta-testing program relies on hearing how your experience with the product went, so we will follow up with a brief survey about your experience using Tick Attack™ on your property.

    Please let us know if you’re interested in participating in this direct consumer group and we can go from there.

    If you are interested in having you yard sprayed by a professional, you can contact Matthew at BBD Pest Services directly at: 902-818-1885 or email at: MATTHEW@BEDBUGDETECTIVES.CA