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Our spray and other products can be found in an increasing number of locations across Canada, including hardware and outdoor gear shops, pharmacies, pet supply shops, natural and organic product shops and, of course, right here in our AtlanTick e-commerce shop!

Please check out our new store locator map! Just click the bright red "WHERE TO BUY" button at the top of the page, then add your location to search for shops nearby. Our network of retailers is ever expanding so we suggest you call ahead to make sure they're carrying the products you're looking for. If you cannot find our products in the shops you would like or expect to, please let the business know you’d like to see AtlanTick on their shelves!

If you’re having trouble with the website please try switching browsers. We’ve had a bit of trouble with various browsers from time to time and are working to fix this to ensure ordering is as easy as possible. In the meantime we encourage you to order any of our products through Google Chrome, as this browser tends to work best.

We are delighted with customers’ response to our products and are working hard to maintain stock, however due to high demand we sometimes require a few days to renew our shelves. If we run out of stock we will renew within days and make inventory announcements through our mailing list (see link below) and on ourFacebook page.

We like to give our mailing list subscribers first notice for promotional codes, inventory announcements and other product related news, so feel free to sign up with the link in the footer below - we promise we won't flood your inbox with emails or sell your contact information to any third parties.

Please click here to be redirected to an Official Tick-Testing Lab!

AtlanTick Products

Our outdoor spray is a registered cosmetic product, meant to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend outdoors. It is refreshing, made with safe, skin-nourishing ingredients, and smells great. Our outdoor spray is not a registered insect repellent and we do not support claims to that effect.

Typically, it is safe to use these all-natural ingredients on people and animals 6 months and older. It is always safest to test on a small patch of skin first in case of skin or scent sensitivities. Skin sensitivities can develop at any time, so always be aware of how your skin reacts to any product and discontinue use if irritation does occur.  The use of any oil-based product may enhance the effects of the sun on a person’s skin, therefore we urge you to practice daily sun protection in addition to the use of our outdoor spray. Essential oils may be hard for babies in utero and under 6 months old to process, therefore we don’t recommend the use of our spray to pregnant women and infants without approval from your family physician. If you have any concerns regarding the use of our outdoor spray please ask your doctor and/or veterinarian for advice.

We suggest you spray all over, and in particular the legs and underbelly, so your dog can smell as much like the scent as possible.   If your dog is afraid of the spraying aspect, spray into your hands and rub onto them. This is also the best way to coat a dog’s face. Please take care to protect your dogs eyes and nose when applying. We’d also suggest a patch test for all humans and dogs before full body application, to make sure your/your dog’s skin is not sensitive to the product ingredients.

We suggest a general reapplication time of two hours, similar to sunscreen. Our lava bead products and bandanas offer a way to keep the smell of the Outdoor Spray around for quite a bit longer (up to two days), but as you'd expect it would be fairly localized so we'd still suggest full body application.

Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils and essential oil-based products as they are missing a liver enzyme needed to effectively break down and expel essential oil compounds. Though our formula is all-natural, it does include essential oils that may be harmful if  consumed by cats - as such we recommend that you only use it on humans, dogs and horses. If your dog shares a home with a cat we suggest you refrain from using the outdoor spray if the cat tends to excessively groom the dog.

)Spray on any exposed areas of skin. If wearing a loose shirt, spray under on your lower back and front. If wearing casual clothing, a light spray over your clothes is ok and shouldn't stain. The product does contain oils so please use at your discretion. Please take care to protect your eyes when applying. Spray dogs similarly, and if they are afraid spray into your hands and rub onto them. This is also the best way to coat a dog’s face. We suggest a general reapplication time of two hours, (similar to sunscreen), or any time you want to freshen up. If using with sunscreen, add the outdoor spray on top for best scent enjoyment. When kept in a cool, dark storage location the spray can maintain an approximate shelf life of two years.

Our TickPicks do resemble the twisters, but we most definitely do not recommend twisting a tick out. The best way to use the pick is to choose the one that is the best size (larger one for larger tick, smaller for a smaller tick), slide it in as close to the skin as possible, which is most likely from the side of the tick, and slowly but consistently pull with even pressure. The tick will eventually let go and come out. After it is out wash the site with soap and water or antiseptic, and monitor over the following weeks for any signs of infection (including bullseye rash).

The problem with twisting is that you greatly increase the chance of breaking the tick's mouth off, where it will stay embedded in your skin. There are lots of bad ideas circulating about how to remove a tick - it is frustrating and scary to see as those methods increase the likelihood of disease transmission and/or secondary infections. Pouring oil on top is another bad idea. The tick will eventually release and back out, but only after the likelihood has increased that it will regurgitate into your skin.


We accept e-transfer and credit card payments through our website, and you can pay with cash, debit or credit card at any of our retail partner locations.


Of course! We are always excited to talk to interested parties. Please contact us at: or call us at 902-531-2311.

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