Our Story

Lisa Learning, founder of AtlanTick Repellent Products, is a proudly indigenous woman entrepreneur.  

Growing up in Labrador, her father taught her first hand how to respect the land and how to utilize the resources around her to find and create solutions. That's why when Lisa’s boys both contracted Lyme from a tick bite she turned to nature to find a solution. She didn’t want to use DEET or any other synthetic chemical on them, and it was important that her children and her dog Bella be able to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors freely.

In 2016 my young boys started complaining of unusual body pain that surfaced as swelling knees and ankles. We repeatedly went to outpatients and kept getting sent home from the doctors with no answers, just let’s wait and see diagnosis.

It got to the point where my oldest child couldn’t walk and was in severe debilitating pain. After a lot of back and forth to the doctor and a reference to the Rhumatologist, 8 months into the illness both sons were finally diagnosed and treated for Lyme Arthritis. Then I found out that you can get Lyme over and over again. 

I wanted to let my kids outside but didn’t want to have to soak them in DEET or any other synthetic chemical that could cause other issues in the long run.  So, after searching for and realizing there wasn't a safe, natural ingredient pesticide product registered in our Canadian market. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and come up with my own solution. I was passionate about not only finding a solution for my own family but preventing another mother from having to watch their kids go through what mine did.

After the diagnosis and taking time to understand what Lyme was all about, she started the process of creating her own solution. There were no properly studied, registered natural ingredient tick solutions on the Canadian market. So, not willing to accept that, she took matters into her own hands by conducting her own research and then went a step further and partnered with Acadia University to study ticks and how they work to find an effective, natural solution. 

​After years of research AtlanTick has come up with a safe, effective, natural tick spray. They are currently working to register this highly effective, all-natural tick repellent with Canadian health and pesticide authorities and will let you know as soon as that process is complete. 

“We are very excited to be part of a positive, environment and health-conscious movement, and we look forward to being able to offer this innovative product so all the parents, grandparents, hunters, hikers, golfers etc out there can take comfort in knowing there is a safe, effective, natural solution available to them. “ 

But it doesn’t end there.  

AtlanTick continues to work with Acadia University studying ticks and creating a variety of innovative products to prevent the threat of tick bites.