2023 Wholesale information

With the launch of our brand new Health Canada approved Tick Attack™ Botanical Insect Repellent, we are gearing up for an exciting and adventurous 2023, and we are so glad to have you onboard! We are excited to work with you and want to ensure that you know everything you need to know about our products in order to sell them successfully and provide optimal customer service.

AtlanTick is a proudly Canadian, indigenous women-owned and operated outdoor and tick-safety product manufacturing company. Rooted in science, innovation and evidence-based product development, AtlanTick offers a line of tick-bite prevention tools developed in partnership with Acadia University and international scientific experts. At AtlanTick, it is our mission to offer safe, natural, effective solutions to help keep people and animals safe from tick bites and the array of debilitating diseases they can spread. Our products are highly effective, environmentally safe, and will not break down plastics used in work and safety tools and fabrics, or camping gear.

We have not increased our pricing since 2018, in part because we know how much the pandemic has caused us all to dig deep to keep our businesses moving forward. Our supply chain and research and development costs have continued to increase, so in 2023 there will be an increase of 5% on all our products. All costs are in $CAD and GST/PST/HST is not included.

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We are happy to offer retailers three free display units for the upcoming season! Our counter top display unit can hold 12 x 60ml bottles, while our floor display stand can hold 24 x 60ml and 12 x 240ml bottles. Display strips will hold nine items and can be used with Atlantick TickPicks, Tick Scoops, and Ticklets. These display units will be available at your request (please select on retail order form) and will be shipped out with first orders of the season.


Shipping fees will vary per province, but will include insurance up to $100. We recommend buyers add additional insurance as they are responsible for the goods from the moment they leave the AtlanTick premises. If a buyer decides to add additional insurance we require them to notify us at the time each order is placed.


We invite you to review the Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) sectionof our website for our most commonly asked questions and up-to-date answers.

Please remember, you can clarify any customer questions or concerns with us at any time, or direct customers to contact us themselves so we can respond. Customers can reach us through email atadmin@atlantick.caor through ourFacebook page.

Before we go we’d like to thank you for your continued support. We love doing business with you and our team is here to meet your needs. Please reach out if you have questions or need help placing orders. Our office line is (902) 531 2311. All retail and bulk orders should now be made with our corresponding order form, and sent to accounting@atlantick.ca.

Best wishes for a healthy, adventurous and prosperous 2023!
- the AtlanTick family