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Our spray and other products can be found in an increasing number of locations across Canada, including hardware and outdoor gear shops, pharmacies, pet supply shops, natural and organic product shops and, of course, right here in our AtlanTick e-commerce shop!

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Tick Attack™ Botanical Insect Repellent

Tick Attack™ Botanical Insect Repellent is our 100% effective, natural-ingredient repellent that provides long-lasting protection against ticks and other biting insects.  This spray boasts a refreshing scent of lemon eucalyptus and feels good on the skin.  

Some other things we love about our Botanical Insect Repellent:

* 5 hours of complete protection time against ticks & up to 6 hours against mosquitoes 

* made with natural ingredients - safe for you, safe for the planet

* safe for use by pregnant women 

* three year shelf life 

* won’t melt plastics (tools, fabrics, gear), as DEET-based products are known to do

Apply over clothing and to exposed skin. For best results, spread evenly with your hands to moisten all exposed skin. Do not spray directly on face. To apply to face, dispense on palm of hand and spread on face and neck. Reapply once as needed. 

Our Lemongrass Outdoor Spray is our original body spray, which we have had the great pleasure of manufacturing and selling for the last 6 years. As the foundation of our product development, this formulation has proven to be valuable in so many ways and has allowed us to gain the resources and knowledge needed to carry on developing our line of cutting-edge, natural-ingredient products. 

Tick Attack™ Botanical Insect Repellent is Atlantick’s newly registered, 100% effective, natural-ingredient repellent that provides long-lasting protection against ticks and other biting insects. The active ingredient in this product is oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, and while it does have a lemony scent the product does not include lemongrass oil and is made with its own unique formula.

How to use AtlanTick Accessories

Our TickPicks do resemble the twisters, but we most definitely do not recommend twisting a tick out. Twisting can cause you to break off the tick’s mouthparts, leaving them embedded in the skin. Using a hot match or smothering the tick with oil are a couple of other popular bad ideas that may lead to an increased chance of disease transmission and infection of the bite site. 

The best way to use any tick remover is to choose the one that is the best size (larger one for larger tick, smaller for a smaller tick), and is relatively easy for you to use. We offer multiple tick remover designs so you can find the one that works right for you. Each of our removers is reusable and uses natural leverage and momentum to extract any embedded tick. Please see each product description for specific use instructions.

The lava band collar itself is not repellant, but can be sprayed with any of our scented products. The lava beads are super absorbent and soak up the spray, hanging onto the scent for up to two days.

A personal suggestion for the lava beads, put them in a ziplock bag, spray into the bag (this way you don't lose spray to the air), seal the bag and if you can, leave overnight so the spray can soak as much as possible into the lava beads.  As soon as you no longer smell the spray on the beads then reapply. The scent will be fairly localized, so we still recommend a full body spray. Reapply scents to the collar as needed. 

Other FAQ

Please visit our ingredients page for details of our AtlanTick Sprays, Signature Blends and Comfort Patches.

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